Sneak Peek: RIDE Snowboards Preview

We create innovative and exciting equipment for the most demanding snowboarders in the world and we’re giving you an exclusive RIDE Snowboards preview. Here are three things from the 18/19 collection that we just couldn’t wait to show off.

18/19 RIDE Twinpig

The Warpig now has a twin! When we mention spinning, twins, and total domination, your mind undoubtedly goes right to the greatest film about twins ever made: Double Impact

Much like Jean-Claude Van Damme in this action-packed thriller, the all-new Twinpig is shorter, wider, and more maneuverable for ninja-like freestyle capabilities all over the mountain.

Well, the only thing better than muscular Belgian twins is a Warpig built specifically for freestyle. The bombproof construction features:

  • Asymmetrical Twin Hybrid Rocker – A true twin shape hybrid profile that has more rocker than camber.
  • Roll-In Slimewalls® – Designed to increase overall board strength, prevent topsheet chipping, and reduce weight.
  • Double Impact Plates – Added underneath each binding area to improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most.
  • Cleave Edge™ Steel – Nearly 50% more steel than a standard edge, this beefy edge delivers unmatched resistance to edge cracking and can be detuned to larger radii.

18/19 RIDE Snowboards Preview - TWINPIG 18/19 RIDE Snowboards Preview - TWINPIG

18/19 RIDE Mtn Pig

This terrain-thrashing Mtn Pig features a unique profile, with rocker in the tip for deep snow performance and camber all the way to the rear contact points for edges you can depend on when conditions firm up. Our engineers rode this board extensively to ensure that every aspect was dialed in. Industry-leading features include:

  • Carbon Infused Glass – Carbon fibers are stitched into the fiberglass for extra pop and response, without extra stiffness.
  • Performance Core – High strength Aspen is combined with Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia to provide the perfect balance of strong and light.
  • Sintered 40000 Base – High end sintered 4000 Ptex base material is more durable, harder and faster.
  • Carbon Slimewalls® – A totally unique sidewall that combines layers of Slimewalls® material and carbon, strategically placed at the inserts out to the contact points in the tip and tail.
  • Carbon Array™ 5 – Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zone gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles, channeling that input to the opposing contact point for maximum board control.
  • Birch Veneer Topsheet – Real Birch veneer sealed with urethane for a different look and smooth ride.

18/19 RIDE Snowboards Preview - MTNPIG18/19 RIDE El Hefe

If the El Hefe was a pro wrestler, he would wear a luchador mask and rule the ring with an aluminum fist. Other bindings would fear him but boots would long for the tender chokehold of his straps. And while other bindings rely on big talk to intimidate their competitors, El Hefe keeps chatter to a minimum.

  • Infinity™ Chassis – Built with 100% aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy to deliver unsurpassed durability and performance.
  • Wedgie™ 2.5 & 4.0 Footbed – An ultralight footbed that uses subtle angles to align the ankles and knees to a more natural and comfortable position.
  • Carbon SlimeBack™ Highback – Made from laminated carbon and urethane, this highback offers the pop of carbon and the smooth dampened ride of urethane.
  • Reversible Ankle Strap & Linkage Ratchet – (NEW) Pre-curved 3D shaping provides even pressure distribution over the instep and improved ladder durability eliminates ratchet wag, resulting in a smoother experience and the hold you expect.

18/19 RIDE Snowboards Preview - El Hefe 18/19 RIDE Snowboards Preview - El Hefe

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