In October 2017, RIDE and its misfit crew of designers, sales reps, and athletes hosted the annual RIDE High event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nearly 40 people from top snowboard retailers around the Midwest were in attendance for a day of product clinics and paintball. Led by the golden boys Smooches, Tanner and Big Jim, this RIDE High was the next best thing to a day full of powder turns.

RIDE High Minneapolis - Paintball Dent


With a full crew out on the course, the paintball competition at RIDE High (Minneapolis) was cutthroat–but you know what they say: Run with us, or run from us. All the activities were covered that day: paintball, running the gauntlet, a human bench press, getting hyped for winter. It was an event for the books.

RIDE High Minneapolis - The Crew


Snowboard shop employees work tirelessly all winter, every winter, to not only help their customers find the perfect gear but to also teach them how to be smarter shoppers on their own, in an industry that’s full of fakers. RIDE understands that these guys and gals are critical to the success of the brand and the success of the sport, and the crew at the event represented some of the biggest and best players in the industry.

RIDE High Minneapolis - Big Jim

The Shops

Featuring roundtable sessions with key RIDE engineers, seasoned employees from shops like The House, Erik’s Bike Shop and Hoigards got hands-on exposure to brand new technology, discussed sales techniques and learned about future development initiatives. RIDE believes that the people on the front lines are the best equipped to help steer the brand and all of the feedback was carefully cataloged for future reference.

RIDE High Minneapolis - Product Clinic

Special thanks to Erik’s Bike Shop, The Ski Hut, Hoigards, Pinewskis, The House and the rest of the local stores that continue to support RIDE Snowboards.

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BONUS: Human Bench Press Video

Shi*t gets weird in Minneapolis.