Helix snowboard wins award

Whitelines Magazine likes loves the Helix…. They really really love it! We don’t have a speech prepared for this special occasion but know that you’re our new BFF. Read the excerpt from their article below but better yet, read the whole article at their site via the link below.


From Duthie at Whitelines Magazine:

The RIDE Helix made its debut last season, replacing the DH in RIDE’s line. Any concerns about how it would measure up against that legendary stick were quickly put to the sword, and now it has a following all of its own – one that was no doubt bolstered by the sight of Yuki Kadono using his to stomp the first ever back-to-back triple cork 1620s in the 2015 Burton US Open slopestyle.

Watch the Helix Video Review:


If you hadn’t already guessed by looking at the shape of the nose and tail, the RIDE Helix has an asymmetric design. The sidecut on the heel edge is tighter than that of the toe, which compensates for the fact that you’ve got less maneuverability on that side.

Turning is therefore a breeze, aided by the camber profile that’ll grip the corduroy like hell. With its true twin shape and mid flex, it’s just the thing for freestyle as well – especially getting airborne off anything from sidehits to the XL kicker line.

Slight rocker sections help with pressing, and also improve the experience in powder, but there’s no compromise to the edge hold. Whether you’re a Japanese park slayer or a one-week-a-year piste cruiser, the RIDE Helix has so much to offer.