Short update from my trip to the LBS Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom.

It was a hectic start! My flight from Munich to Washington DC had a delay of 40 minutes! I arrived at the airport at 16:30 and my boarding time to Seattle was at 16:35! I was the first guy at the customs and no one was there, after i got through the customs I had to wait for my bags before I could try to catch my flight to Seattle ( pain in the ass) after running and sweating my ass off, luckily I caught my flight to Seattle!
My friend pat from 686 and his wife Bethany picked me up at the airport and we drove to there’s place in Bellingham! Two days later Pat, Brent and I drove up to Glacier where Pat had his mountain house!

I have to say it was the best trip in the last ten years for me- no cameras, no stress to get shots, I had some beers with old friends, friends what i met over the last years as well i met some new people. I had some really cool snowboarding days with friends and being a part of the 29th banked slalom was unreal for me! the organizer’s told us: 1200 people tried to get a spot at this years banked slalom!

I always dreamed to race at this soul snowboarding event and this year- thanks to 686- I was part of this legendary banked slalom! they said: because of the snow conditions it was the craziest banked slalom in 29 years! I have been to backer a few times now but I never have seen Baker with this less of snow! at the racing weekend we had -15 degrees and the track was icy as hell!

I was so impressed how everybody was waxing there boards or some other guys brought two boards to the starting spot! I had nothing to use and maybe my waxing job was not that pro as someone elses but I qualified on Saturday for the final on Sunday! I felt super happy that i could race on the final day, so i had to go out for some beers to celebrate that i can race on the next day 😉 It was a fun night with friends. On the final day every rider had to race two times through the ice track! I am used to powder and i was super stoked that i survived that icy weekend with out any painful moments! This year I got the rank 36 and i will be back next year for the 30th legendary banked slalom — !

Thanks to pat, Bethany, Brent, Sammy, Mike, Jenni…….. for an awesome time!!!

Stay tuned for some more updates!

All the best,


Marco was riding his Signature Series Board the Wild Life!


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