Take a peek behind the curtain and meet the artist behind some of your favorite Ride graphics. Derek Muscat of THEOCY design is the mastermind behind the last 2 years of Berzerker graphics, a few Slackcountry decks just to name a few.

If superheroes existed Muscat would be Aquaman. Just when you think there’s no hope for the Super friends, Aquaman comes up from the deep with 3 whales, 5 sharks, and 2 dolphins (and sharks and dolphins don’t even get along so that in and of itself is no small task) and rescues the would-be heroes before returning to the deep to keep ruling from the silent abyss.

That pretty much describes Derek. He’s not Superman in the sense that Superman gets all the credit, the press, or the ladies (Muscat’s already scored there).
He’s the silent ruler that is always there whether you know it or not, working his magic from the shadows and always amazing the masses.

Kind words from:
Mark “FANK” Fankhauser
Creative Director: Sandbox


Derek Muscat is a traditional illustrator. He likes to do things the old fashion way, pen to paper.

He has a creative mind filled with innovative ideas. He’s able to take your concepts to the next level by using his unique developed style.

Derek Muscat's Limited Wood Block Prints - Theocy Design
Derek Muscat’s Limited Wood Block Prints – Theocy Design
Who wants a made to order wood print? 9″x10.5″ Limited Run!
Now Accepting PayPal: derek@theocydesign.com

2011-12 Berzerker Snowboard


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