RIDE Wallpaper Downloads

RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

We dug through our photo album from last season to bring you the best shots we could find. And we’re hooking you up. Download your favorite wallpaper (for desktop or mobile devices) and keep the stoke alive anytime you’re off the mountain.

RIDE Wallpaper Downloads

RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Danimals on the Grind | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Cole Navin Wallride | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Jake Blauvelt Backcountry Hand-drag | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Jake Blauvelt Slash | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Jake Welch Urban Session | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


Photography by Tom Monterosso (Tbird) | Check him out over on Instagram.

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The RIDE Team Goes BERZERKER At Superpark

The RIDE Team Goes BERZERKER at Superpark

Now legally old enough to buy beer, Superpark turns 21 this year and the hits were just as heavy as a typical 21st birthday. Presented by Snowboarder Magazine, Superpark 21 was the biggest it’s ever been and the RIDE team destroyed every inch of snow, metal and wood for the entire event.

The Scene

After a record-breaking snowfall season, spring has finally arrived in the High Sierras of central California; and the energy was high as top riders from around the world descended on Mammoth Mountain. The features were massive and so were the expectations on the team as they set up to step up.

Berzerker at Superpark

From Yuki Kadono nearly setting the new record for airtime on a hip and Reid Smith sending the massive Loon Mountain-built wedge to Brandon Davis crushing every piece of transition in his path and young Keegan Hosefros tapping, bonking and tweaking his way across the mountain, RIDE dropped the hammer. Scroll down for some of the best shots we captured.

Superpark 21 Photo Gallery

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

BERZERKER at Superpark

Superpark 21 Recap

Make sure to peep snowboarder.com for all the updates, additional photo galleries and rider videos. Also, check out the hashtag #superpark21 over on Instagram. We’ll see you again next year!

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RIDE x Napster: Playlists from the Pros

RIDE x Napster - Hana Beaman

No, you didn’t travel back in time to 1999. Napster really is back–and it’s badder than ever.

Now a global music streaming service, Napster offers millions of songs anywhere, anytime, without ads and without bullsh*t. And its commitment to delivering the best music for every moment is at the core of the 2017 Alpine Music Guide.

For the rest of the 2017 season, RIDE x Napster will release an exclusive playlist every other week so you can get an inside listen into what your favorite pros are rocking on the mountain, at the gym, in the car, or anywhere else. Our team riders are pumped to hand-select each and every track and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t want to wait? Perfect! Tune in RIGHT NOW for Ride Pro Hana Beaman‘s playlist.

Ride X Napster - Dillon Ojo


And stay tuned for the soundtracks from RIDE Pros Jake BlauveltDillon OjoJake Welch, and Danimals. Because, you know, patience is a virtue.

RIDE x Napster Photo Contest

And we’re so stoked on this partnership that we’re giving away some custom RIDE x Napster gear by our very own Dave Banks as well. All you have to do is follow @RIDEsnowboards on Instagram and Facebook for contest rules.

Living and breathing snowboarding is what we do. Putting the music of top riders right into your ears is the next step.

Want more info? There’s a press release, but you know how we feel about those…

PS – The people who get our emails found out about this partnership FOREVER ago. Don’t be the last to know. Sign up for our emails today (it’s right over there, on the other side of the screen).

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BangingBees x RIDE – Vars Holidays [VIDEO EDIT]

Who says that France is only good for nice wines and expensive cheeses? Because these Frenchmen are at again in their newest BangingBees installment: Vars Holidays. Nico Palladio, Lucas Poullet and Jake Simpson spent a couple days with RIDE under blue skies at Vars Ski and filmed some technical material at one of the best parks in the region. Proof that France is also good for plenty of butter.

Check out the full video and then start talking wiz a French accent.

The Ride Team gets weird in France

Looking for the latest on the French snowboard scene? Check out BangingBees.com.

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Welcome to the Family – Ojo


Today we are proud to welcome Canadian native, Dillon Ojo, to the RIDE Global AM Team. Ojo has proven himself as worthy for the RIDE team through his insatiable appetite for chocolate milk, sub par instagram selfies and a knack for acquitting himself from any wrongdoing with Canadian law enforcement better known as the Mounties. Ojo learned the basics through countless nights riding Ski St. Bruno and went on to take his signature style to the streets of Quebec and eventually the world. With video parts such as his latest in Snowboarder Magazine’s Foreword, it’s evident he’s not pussy footing around. Dillon is here to put a hurting on rail riding all as long as there’s some chocolate milk to fuel the fire. Photos by Crispin Cannon

Welcome to the Family, Ojo.

Welcome To The RIDE Global AM Team from Ride Snowboards on Vimeo.

 Dillon Ojo – Welcome to AM team page

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The Ride Snowboards Team – New Year, New Faces

Ride Snowboards Pro Team 2013

Another year is upon us and as with every new season comes change. This year we see Ride legends and hall of famer’s Mikey Leblanc retiring from the main stream and Darrell Mathes departs the Ride team to continue on his own path as one of today’s most respected shredders.

The Ride pro team however, lives on stronger then ever with the likes of Jake Blauvelt who is recognized today as one the best big mountain freestylers and maybe one of the most respected snowboarders of the decade. Try out his Berzerker pro model and you will never want to ride another board again. You can witness Jake’s high-flying deep pow slashing action in his web series and film “Jake Blauvelt’s Naturally.”

Hana Beaman, the queen of the Ride team, continues to slaughter everything she points her board towards. Hana has played a major role in development of our ladies hard goods and outerwear. To be specific, Hana’s signature Cappel outerwear that is set to debut in the fall of 2013.  Look for Hana to continue with her P.S. web series and a follow up to last years’ production, “Intervals”, the best women’s snowboarding film of the year.

Hailing from Quebec, Alex Cantin brings us a flavor and style original to the Ride team. A very well rounded snowboarder blessed with raw urban skate influenced style, Alex is best known for his video parts from Sugarshack and Videograss productions. This year Alex has joined forces with his original crew of friends to produce the film “Déjà Vu”. Alex has developed signature Ride outerwear for the 1314 season that matches not only his style, but performance.

Seattle’s own Austin Hironaka has grown up under the shadow of Ride headquarters. Austin may be one of the most stylish members of the team and may be what he is best known for… Style! You may not find Austin in a major contest or dropping the biggest lines in AK, but you can put Austin in any situation and he almost always walks away as the MVP. Austin will be looking good in some freshly designed signature Ride outerwear this season while filming with Transworld films.

Marco Feichtner represents our European presence, Austria to be specific. Marco has stacked a long list of standout parts with the Pirates Film crew and continues on a warpath of powder kickers, pillow lines and cliffs. Marco holds nothing back and his trusty board, the Wild Life, will surely be seen pillaging a powder line near you.

Matt Ladley is the newest addition to our pro ranks and brings transition skills to the table. A halfpipe specialist and member of the U.S. Olympic team, Matt is the future of halfpipe snowboarding. Matt truly lives the motto on his board, the Buckwild, “I’m having more fun than you!” – couldn’t be more fitting!

Rounding out the 2013 Pro team roster we have Sebastien Toutant who broke out on the scene at the young age of 13 and has continued to break down what was thought to be the impossible every season since. Eight years later at the age of 21, Seb continues to set the bar extremely high! Voted #3 by Snowboarder magazines top 50 riders under 21, Seb has a very long, very bright future ahead of him.

Ride Rookie Pro Team

With arguably the most talented and diverse pro team in Ride history, we’re always looking towards the future and with that comes our Rookie team. You won’t have to look too far for such rookie standouts who lead the charge like 16 year old Yuki Kadono the winner of the 2012 Beijing Air & Style.  The list goes on – Seamus O’connor, Jessika Jensen, and Brandon Davis to name a few of our future super stars that have set a pace to join the long list of Ride team legends.

Ride International Pro Team

It’s the unique blend of our pro team, rookie pro team, and international pro team that keep us true to our goal of rider driven product for all abilities and styles.

So please take a moment and let us introduce you to the 2013 Ride pro team. Keep in touch! We will have plenty of news, image and video updates from throughout the season!