Marco Feichtner: First trip of the new season – hunting for snow!

Update from Pro Team Rider Marco Feichtner

I have to tell you it wasn’t a easy season start for me after new year. I got sick so I had to stay in the bed for one week! after I got the OK from the doctor, my trip started on the 12th of January ‘ hunting for snow’! I drove with our photographer ( Alex Papis) to our first stop to Italy to meet up with our filmer as well with my riding friend Fredrik Evensen.

The base at the first stop was insane but the snow had a crusty layer on top so we couldn’t do not much! We tried some more spots but we got not really lucky with the weather conditions ( lots of wind……) after three days watching weather maps we desisted to travel to east Tirol to find better snow there! I remember first day riding in between trees I got a little bit frustrated because the snow base was not good enough to do big stuff! The day after we tried another ski resort but the weather got super warm, on 2200 meters around + 3 degrees. After that day we had to find a new location with better snow, so we did a few phone calls as well we check some more weather maps. At the next day we packed the cars and we drove to south Tirol and there we found good snow and we could finally start shooting for the new Pirates movie!

All the best,


Because of Snowboarding – Marco Feichtner – Episode 4

Photo: Crispin Cannon

Ride Snowboard Pro Team rider Marco Feichtner might make snowboarding look easy, but the path to success has been anything but for the Austrian. Macro has a friendly, laid-back persona, and is the type of guy you like to be around. But, underneath it all he’s all business and thrives on hard work – it’s ingrained in his blood. In the fourth segment – which drops today – of Ride’s six-part video series “Because of Snowboarding,” Marco shows us how he lives big both on and off the snow – from throwing giant, stylish airs in the backcountry to digging into his artistic skill and passion for hand engraving masterpieces. For all the grom rippers out there, Marco has these words of advice: word hard and you will reach your dreams.

Released weekly, each short film is dedicated to highlighting a different pro rider, and captures the personal stories and intimacy each rider has with snowboarding.

Because of Snowboarding is directed and produced by Crispin Cannon and Shaun Anderson of The Solidarity Union.

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Artist: Sanctums
Track: Thirst or Land
Album: Thirst or Land {MM001}


Marco Feichtner’s Setup

Marco's wild life snowboard

capo Bindings



DISTORTED REALITY Teaser Featuring Marco Feichtner Out Now!

Distorted Reality

DISTORTED REALITY TEASER from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.

We are proud to present our latest action snowboard film and want to invite you to join a surreal trip, following a tight group of riders such as Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Elias Elhardt, Fredrik Evensen, Sami Luhtanen, Werni Stock, Niels Schack and Martin Kalijola.

After the great success of “Unique8“, the goal was to top the production values and bring you an unforgettable snowboard viewing experience, either on the big screen in cinemas or on your laptop screen – Red cameras, dollies, steady cams and helicopters – you name it!


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Grilled: Thoughts from a Pirate – Marco Feichtner – Snowboard Mag

Photo: Tim Peare

Photo: Tim Peare

What is it like for a European athlete to film in the states?

I really enjoy being in the US and riding your mountains. The tricky thing for me as a backcountry rider is to get to the really good spots, and to get to the good spots you need to have a sled, a pickup truck and people to show you around. For sure you could do cat-boarding or heli-boarding up in Canada or AK, but in the end you need to have the budget for it.

Are you happy with the current direction of snowboarding?

Hmmm… not really, but I think that’s the way humans are – everything needs to be bigger, higher, more money, more wins, more, more, more! When I started snowboarding the biggest tricks had been 900s and 1080s. Now the level is so high so that snowboarding turned into some kind of gymnastic sport, where a lot of riders have their own trainers, are using trampolines, and have their own energy drink to be able to keep up. Sometimes I’m thinking about the youngsters. They have to do crazy tricks if they want to make it in snowboarding. The risk of getting badly hurt is way higher nowadays than it used to be.

Photo: Tim Peare

What has impressed you lately?

Definitely Arthur Longo’s run at the X Games 2013 in Tignes. I am filming with him for the pirates and he is such a nice guy and an extremely talented snowboarder. When he told me that he wanted to compete in the Olympics, my first question was “why are you stopping filming?” The second question was (just to make sure) “Have you seen the level of pipe riding?” I knew that he could definitely ride pipe, but actually seeing him at the contest killing it – plainly awesome. I was so stoked for him, because he trained very hard and he deserved to be on the podium. Go big my friend!

What does snowboarding need more of?

It would be nice to see more young backcountry riders.

Photo: Tim Peare

Less of?

Basically everyone should ride what they love, but in my opinion there could be a little less park riders – go and enjoy the backcountry!

What is your opinion of the Olympics?

I personally do not care about the Olympics, but it helps the sport to address a bigger audience and will hopefully brings new, young, motivated kids to start snowboarding. Nevertheless, to all my friends who compete at the Olympics, Good luck and have fun!

Do you have an agent?

No. I really like to be in close contact with my sponsors so there was never really a need for me to get one.

What was your best day on snow?

If we are talking about this season: I had crazy good times in Japan – lots of powder and outstanding weather. If we are talking about my years as a snowboard pro I am not able to pick just one day. Over the years I had the chance to see so many different spots in Japan, US, Canada, Russia, Chile, Argentina, and all over Europe. Each and every location had its moments – plenty of good memories I enjoy looking back to!

What’s the most fun trick for you?

There are so many cool tricks I love to do, but I would say the most fun trick for me is still a big, fat ollie!

Sum up how snowboarding makes you feel in one word.


Read the Entire Article on Snowboard Mag’s Site:


Marco Feichtner – Wet Trip to Mt. Baker

From Austrian Pro Team Rider, Marco Feichtner:

I came back yesterday from my trip to us! I have to say it was not really my best trip! we got super unlucky with the weather! I arrived on the 7th in Bellingham. when I arrived it started raining in baker for almost 8 days! in those 8 days i was two times on the mountain-snowboarding in rain ( it was fun).

In those 8 days we tried out our sled’s and Justin realized that his sled died ( no way to fix it and no way to travel around-bummer) after that it started snowing crazy, almost to much! it stayed good for three days and then its started raining again for one day and after that it snowed a little bit but not really a lot! In those three days I shot two days with the pirates and one day with 686 ( team shooting)! the good thing we shot a story for snowboard with Tim Pearce and I good some stuff with 686 ( ad, some action) so the trip was not for nothing! regarding my shoulder: still have some pain. I could no even start my sled- so thx to Fredi for starting it up all the time!

Future plans:  I am trying to shot some more stuff next week till the 5th! we have our Montafon banked slalom on the 6th! on the 8th I am traveling to Italy to join the guys from level! I will be back home on the 9th! A few days off because of my 30 birthday-all in! After that finally I can rest my shoulder and maybe go to a doctor before I am traveling up to rigs (Sweden)!

All the best- keep you posted!

Marco Feichtner


Marco Feichtner’s Full part from Pirates ‘Unique 8’

Download Marco’s Full part from iTunes

Marco Feichtner’s part from Pirates Unique 8

Marco kills it. He shreds huge powder jumps. This is his full part from Pirates new video, Unique 8.

Unique 8 is out now on iTunes worldwide get it right HERE.




Watch Marco’s Full Part on Transworld’s Snowboarding’s Site.


Marco doesn’t always destroy backcountry features but when he does, he prefers the Highlife UL Snowboard.

2013 highlife UL Snowboard


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