Diaries Downunder Episode 3 – August Snowboarding Circus!


Diaries Downunder Episode 3 – August Snowboarding Circus!

The season has reached August, which for many pro riders rings a very special bell! It’s the month of competitions and riders from all over the world head to New Zealand’s Southern Alps, to show everyone what they’ve got! In this episode we follow Billy the mad man Morgan straight out of the UK, as well as Keiji Okamoto and other international pros.

The month of august is the time where the mountains here in the Southern Lakes are covered with snowboarding talent from all over the globe. Amongst those, is the UK pro rider, mad man Billy Morgan. He has been dazzling the crowds with his amazing set of skills. Not only is he a bad ass snowboarder with triple corks to his name, but he is also a killer on the trampoline! In this episode we follow him through his stay in Queenstown.

It all kicks off with the annual Winter Games at Cardrona Ski Resort! The women’s Slopestyle event went ahead but unfortunately, the men’s Slopestyle event was cancelled.
Lucky for us Queenstown has an endless supply of adventure activities. Being Billy Morgan, the activities have to be packed full of adrenalin, so we took him to the Canyon Swing to see what he is really made of. After attempting a back flip record, we later took him to familiar territory – The Site Trampoline. Let’s just say that Billy could probably hold his own at the summer Olympics on the trampoline, as well as winter on the Slopestyle course!

August brings tons of international pros to New Zealand to make the most of the pristine park conditions at Cardrona. We caught up with the insanely skilled Japanese Hywod crew, consisting of Keji Okamoto, Yuki Kadono and Tatsuki Inamura, as they throw down some heavy tricks, as if they were nothing!

As this is training time for these olympic hopefuls, we were reminded how much snowboarding is progressing with the level of amazing riding we witnessed. Sochi Winter Olympics are going to be out of this world!

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DIARIES DOWNUNDER – Ep. 2. – Mid-Winter Man Mission!


Diaries Downunder Episode 2 – Mid Winter Man Mission!

It’s mid-winter here in New Zealand, it’s awesome and Episode 2 is here! For this episode we live out some of every mans dream! Golf, helicopters, guns, crossbows, fireworks and not to forget a whole lot of untouched snow!

It was time for another mind blowing mission, and what better way to spice things up than to bring in some fresh meat! Ryan Tiene, one of Australia’s finest, joined us for some mid winter shenanigans!

The whole crew, including Red Bull rider Jake Koia, Nick Brown, Ryan Tiene, Nick Hyne and Mitch brown start the man mission off with a heli ride to the pristine mountains around Queenstown. Endless white peaks, and with the help of the heli, all we had to do was choose which one we wanted to start shredding first!
After a long day, we were back in the heli and off to the final destination of the day – an old- school farming hut in the middle of nowhere. Packed with entertainment in the form of crossbows, guns, clay targets and fireworks, an unforgettable day quickly came to an end.

After a crazy night in the cabin we had another early morning start back in the heli. We checked out even more local terrain and having a helicopter on hand we managed to get fresh tracks once again. We found amazing new terrain that has only enticed us to go back and explore the Southern Alps even further!

This sure was one for the books, and blows your average camping trip out of the water.


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DIARIES DOWNUNDER – Ep. 1 – So Much Snow!

Nick Hyne Snowboard Air New Zealand

International Team Rider Nick Hyne and friends kick off their Winter in New Zealand as they hop on their boards for the first day of their season. If this doesn’t make you want an accent, it will at least make you want to shred some pow Down Under.

Diaries Downunder Episode1- So Much Snow! from Diaries Downunder on Vimeo.