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Wired Magazine: Diamonds in the Fluff: 8 Great Snowboards for Winter

Ride Machete GT

This year, Ride released a stiffer, faster version of the Machete, one of its flagship boards. The Machete GT ($550) sports a few upgrades — most notably, the addition of a micro-cambered shape between the feet, and carbon and urethane inserts located at the board’s contact points at either end.

The micro-camber complements the rockered tips with some edge control, while the inserts (aka the “Popwalls”) on the edges of the board give you a more stable responsive platform. I also dug the “Membrain” top sheet, a urethane/fabric sheet that not only weighs less than half of a traditional topsheet, but also serves to dampen vibration when hitting rough terrain at high speeds. — Billy Brown, Wired Magainze

Maestro Bindings in TGR’s Top 5 Snowboard Bindings of 2012/13

The Ride Maestro Bindings are featured in TGR’s 5 Favorite Snowboard Bindings of 2012/13.

Ride Snowboards Featured Online at Teton Gravity Research

Ride Farah Review by Wired Magazine

Ride Farah

Considering how many boards are touted as having “all-mountain” capabilities, very few manage to live up to the name. Ride’s Farah ($500) is one of those rare all-mountain boards that actually, truly rocks on every part of the resort.

The Farah is a fast board, and not for the faint of heart. It flies down just about anything. I easily bombed across traverses that other boards got stuck on. Ride’s hybrid all-mountain rocker puts a camber zone underfoot and a little rocker at the nose. This keeps it super responsive with some of the best edge control I’ve encountered — even through the chop or on the ice. The early-season conditions we were riding in were far from ideal — ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon — but carving was a blast on everything.

Don’t forget, all-mountain includes the park too. Even though it’s a stiff board overall, Ride’s LSD (ladies-specific design) ensures that the board has just enough pop when you need it, so even park noobs will feel rad. — Karissa Bell

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Ride Farah

Men’s Journal Magazine: Ride DH2 – Best For The Park

DH2 in Mens Journal












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Ride x SpaceKnuckle Package Giveaway

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Post from Rad Collector:


Ride and artist SpaceKnuckle have teamed up for a collab that puts pixelated imagery on Rides 15k Newport jacket, twin cambered DH board, Stellar Glove and Battery board bag. We’re ready to ride this winter and want you to be prepared for the mountain so we’re giving away the entire package to one lucky reader. To enter the contest you must to live in U.S. and like both Ride Snowboards and Radcollector on FB. Head to our FB page for more info and hit the jump to see the gear.








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