Hana Beaman Named Snowboarder Mag’s Women’s Rider of the Year

hana beaman rider of year snowboard magazine

With winter in full swing SNOWBOARDER Magazine is pleased to announce the recipients of the ultimate accolade a professional rider can receive with their annual Rider Of The Year honors. Decided upon by a jury of their peers, SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Rider Of The Year issue celebrates those elite snowboarders who had the most impact on their sport in 2012.


Sports Babe of the Day: Hana Beaman

Hana Beaman

Sports Babe of the Day: Hana Beaman, Professional  American Snowboarder

If you ever watched the X Games or love the sport of snowboarding, you will need no introduction to our next babe. Hana Beaman has been hitting the slops on a competitive level for the past 25 years. Yes, you read that correctly, Hana has been competitive snowboarder for 25 years! The snowboard extraordinaire has competed in numerous X-Games, Roxy Chicken Jams and Burton US Opens and has consistent top 10 rankings in international competitions. She has graced many magazine covers over the years, had a series of webisodes for Snowboarder Magazine in 2011 and has been sponsored by everyone from Nixon to Rockstar, etc. Beaman primarily competes in slopestyle events and is constantly working on new tricks to add to her already impressive trick list. She has a clear love for the outdoors and unlike most of us, learning to snowboard was as standard for her as learning to ride a bike is for the rest of us. No wonder she dominates the slopes everytime she hits them.  So lets get to know this snowboarding champ.

21 Questions with Hana Beaman

1.If you weren’t snowboarding for a living, what would you be doing?

Hiking around in the woods somewhere… who knows.

2.Do you have any unusual talents?

Not really, but I am a killer thrifter and home decorator.

3.What is something you can tell us that no one else knows about you?
I’m good at keeping secrets.

4.How did you get into snowboarding?

My parents got me into it when I was six; it was just kind of like riding a bike or learning to swim. I don’t really remember learning.


5.What other sports did you play growing up?

I tried to do everything I could from tennis, softball, MTN biking, ski racing, swimming, hiking, wake boarding and surfing.

6.What is your favorite trick that you performed?

The Nippler

7.Do you have any pre-competition rituals?

Not really, I just try to be rested and not hungover, hahaha.

8.What is your most memorable accomplishment?

I would say this last year has been a great far for me in general. I was really happy with a lot of things that happened this year, including trying my first double cork, a cab 9 and a back 7 over the Baker road gap.

9.Who is your favorite athlete?

Travis Rice


10.What is the one thing you wished your followers knew about you?

My insatgram name is hibeams 😉

11.Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

I don’t twitter, tried for a month or two and just wasn’t into it.

12.What’s the funniest/craziest thing you have done to get someone’s attention?

Hmm, I don’t think I have done anything crazy.

13. If you could trade places with someone for one day, who would it be and why? 

Madonna, because she is the queen.

14.There are a ton of inspirational sports quotes out there. What is your favorite one and is there a motto you live by?

“Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it” – Bill Cosby, “you don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward,” and “the best is yet to come.”

15.If we looked in your fridge right now, what would we find?

Condiments, haha… and maybe some sake.

16.What is your go to snack?

Chips and nuts.

17.Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?

My parents, and friends, and especially Travis Rice.

18. You have had quite a career, what else do you wish to accomplish in your career?

I would like to land a double cork and win X-games gold in Real Women this season.

19. A lot of our followers have crushes on you so they are dying to know if you are single, taken, or locked down?


20. How do you want to be remembered?

As a good person, who followed their dreams.

 21.Who would you like to see features on Sports Babe of the Day?

Robin Van Gyn, Leanne Pelosi, Megan Ginter, Erin Comstock, and Gabi Viteri

I know every single one of our male readers is currently upset Hana is taken however there is no reason why  you  can’t enjoy her pictures on Instagram so make sure to give her a follow at Hibeams. We wish Hana will get her twitter back so we can keep up with her and the latest tricks she will be trying on the slopes. But for now, there you have it, 21 questions with Hana Beaman! Stay Babely!

(Feature and Interview by Paulina Strzelec,  @PaulinaElvira on Twitter)

(Photo Credit: NixonNow.com and Instagra @Hibeams)


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The New Right Sized Snowboard Series: Baretta

2012-13 Ride BarettaOk, ladies, I know some of you have found yourself in the same predicament – often times I am looking for a bigger snowboard to ride some sidecountry action, but they simply don’t exist unless I want to step up to a men’s model. Other times I want to play around on a shorter board, but my size 8.5 boot doesn’t fit on a size 148 board.  Right Sized board shaping is a revolutionary approach to ladies snowboards that addresses just that.

For many years now, ladies’ snowboards have been similarly shaped with consistent offering of lengths, width and flex.  Our Ladies Specific Design (LSD) Total Shaping approach to snowboards provides the perfect combo for not only a woman’s build, but how we are going to use the board and where.

The newest addition to the Ride line up is the Baretta. What is unique about this snowboard is the Right Sized component.  Taking our LSD Total Shaping to a whole new level, the Right Sized Series opens up a world of board size opportunity to a broader range of women riders. This new board profile allows ladies to ride a longer woman’s model with more float (offered up to a size 157), perfect for big mountain charging and pow, or ride shorter without the toe drag if that better suits your riding style. Ultimately it gives you the freedom to ride what size is right for you regardless of your boot size.
Prop’s to our engineers for innovating the new snowboard shape and catering to our needs, and also to our lady testers that participated in the Mt. Hood blind test that refined the Baretta, allowing us to put the best performing Right Sized snowboard out on the market.

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Hana Beaman on this past season, women’s progression and the Olympics

Two seasons ago, Hana Beaman took filming into her own hands. Her P.S. webisodes, now numbering two-dozen, have had great success within the snowboard digital scene and she’s not stopping there. With enough footage for a full-length feature film, Hana and her friends plan on releasing a short video documenting the best shots from their adventures in snowboarding.

But it’s not all backcountry on her mind. As Olympic slopestyle creeps ever closer, the competition itch grows stronger. We caught up Hana while she enjoyed some down time in SLC before the P.S. summer session begins at Mt. Hood.

You recently finished up a season traveling and filming for the second season of P.S.. How’d it go?

This year was awesome. I got to ride with my girls Robin Van Gyn, Erin Comstock and Megan Ginter, which was really cool. We had an amazing winter up in the Northwest, not so much everywhere else, but nonetheless a super fun winter that was pretty productive. I’m super stoked on it.

What gave you the idea to start filming your own webisodes rather than head out with an already established video crew?

I just reached a point where it didn’t make sense for me to hustle all that money from my sponsors to go out and film with a video crew. What was coming out of it wasn’t satisfactory to me. I wanted more freedom and to ride with whom I wanted to ride with. I wanted to do it my way and have more control over the end product.

The web series just seemed like a better means to an end. If I can put together a full part with all the footage and give it to someone to include in their movie, that would be ideal.

How does riding with your friends help push you to the next level?

When I’m having fun, that’s when I’m riding at my best. It makes a huge difference when I’m out with the right people, or out with the right crew in the right environment. That’s a huge factor for helping me push my riding to the next level and progress.

What was your favorite episode you filmed for this season?

I’d have to say our Colorado edit was my favorite. For what the trip was it was the one part of the season where we got out of the Northwest. We hauled butt down from Canada to Colorado with trailers and sleds and everything. When we got to Red Mountain we ended up hiking the whole time and never used the sleds. I think that’s why it’s my favorite episode. It took so much time and there was just so much raw effort to make the trip happen that I just appreciate it more. Also, Robin and I got some awesome shots on one of the few good powder days in Colorado.

Photo courtesy of Christy Chaloux – christychaloux.com

The Baker road gap episode was pretty gnarly and was one of my favorites to watch. How scary is it, really?

It’s definitely scary but you just have to not think about what could happen if you don’t make it. If I start to think about it too much then I tend to overdo it. From the takeoff you can’t necessarily see the road, so I just treated it as a normal jump.

It was definitely more intimidating before I got up there than it was when I actually got to the jump. It has all this build up because it’s The Baker Road Gap, this iconic snowboard spot.

You met up with Lucas Debari, Alex Yoder, Pat McCarthy and Nate Lind in that same episode. How is it different shredding with guys compared to girls when it comes to doing things you might not normally do?

The guys see what they want to do and just go for it. Us ladies tend to question ourselves too much where the guys have this air of confidence and just do it. You stop second-guessing yourself and feed off their confidence and their tricks. It’s definitely a good environment to snowboard in and help progress your riding.

But I’ve been shredding more with the girls over the past few years as that’s sort of what we have to do; band ourselves together. But I love going out riding with the guys as it adds a different element whether you’re at a resort or sledding in the backcountry.

You’ve done 24 episodes over the past two seasons. Is there any interest in pushing out your own full-length movie?

We are actually in the works on putting together a ten- to fifteen-minute movie with all the footage from this past season. It will be a short video project with all who were involved to show off our video parts and recap what went down over the past year. It should be out this fall and we’re pretty stoked on it.

Photo courtesy of Christy Chaloux – christychaloux.com

You used to compete a lot back in the day and have been on the podium many times. Is there any interest heading back into the competition scene?

I think about it every once and a while. If it’s for the right reasons I think I could get back into contests and stuff. I love riding park. It’s so fun to hit jumps with your friends and work on tricks. It’s a little less stressful in the sense that the features are more consistent and predictable. If there’s bad weather you can still go out and hit park where as in the backcountry it’s not really an option.

Also, the thought of the Olympics has definitely been on my mind now that slopestyle is in. You could say a few little birds have been chirping in my ear telling me to get back into it.

What’s your take on skier Kristi Leskinen’s push to make smaller jumps for women on the competition scene?

Personally, I like to hit the bigger jumps with the guys and don’t like to limit myself. But I understand where some of the girls are coming from. Where I don’t really have an issue clearing the jumps, a lot of the other girls don’t have enough weight or momentum to clear them, which becomes frustrating.

But I do think that it’s important that we don’t put a cap on what we are capable of doing. In terms of judging, it’s a bigger issue. How do you judge someone doing a seven off the small jump to another doing a five off the big jump?

But on Spencer’s (O’Brien) note, maybe we need to start looking into building better parks or courses to where weight and momentum become obsolete. I hate to say it but that’s what you see at X Games. They build these jumps that aren’t that massive but always seem to have an issue with speed, as they don’t allow for enough distance between the jumps. It’s not like the girls are afraid of the jumps, it’s simple physics that just doesn’t work out sometimes.

How do you feel about the progression of women’s snowboarding?

Well, style to me is really important when it comes to progression. The next couple of years are going to be interesting to watch with women’s snowboarding because we are at that point where girls are now starting to throw 9s and double corks but with such sick style.

We are just beginning to get a taste of the double corks and the bigger spins and I think it’s going to ignite a fire with a lot of the other girls to where they are going to be like, “Oh yea, we can totally to that!”

What do you have planned for the off-season? Going to head south or just kick it beach side?

I’m going to be kicking it in SLC for a while hanging out then off to High Cascade for our unofficial P.S. session, which I believe is session 6, so watch out for that. Then hopefully a trip to South America as Robin has a session with SGT. I’ve never been to South America so that would be an awesome addition to the summer.

If you missed any of season two check out all of the episodes below.

 – Snowboarder Mag

P.S…. One More For the Road – Hana Beaman

Hey Everybody!
After a short intermission, we bring you the final episode of P.S. from the 11/12 season! We took this episode to look back at some of the fun, weird, entertaining moments from the season and all the good times and people that made it so great! We can’t thank you enough for supporting us this year! I know we all had such a great time over the past few months and I hope that we can look forward to another great winter in the future!

Also, over the next couple months we are going to be working on a short film, and hope to premier it in August up at our signature session at HCSC! Really excited about this! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Hope the summer is of to a great start!

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