Shop Spotlight: World Boards

Shop Spotlight: World Boards

If you’re stoked about what you do and stay connected to that passion and your friends and customers, it shines through. ~ Jay Moore | Owner, World Boards

The Man Behind the Counter

Jay Moore has been a part of the board scene for just about as long as that’s been a thing. Growing up in Los Angeles, Calif., Moore started skateboarding in the 1970’s alongside the Dogtown and Z-Boys crews and took his first turns on a snowboard in 1984. And while his passion for the industry has been personal, Moore has made a significant impact on his community as well: designing the Bozeman Skatepark, founding the first 4-H Skateboard Club, and sitting on the Board of Directors for the Board Retailers Association (an organization whose core mission is to help specialty board retailers stay competitive and profitable). There’s no doubt that Moore lives for these sports.

The History of World Boards

In 1987, Moore and his wife left Los Angeles and headed into the mountains. Landing in Bozeman, Mont., Moore taught snowboarding at Bridger Bowl for a few years in the late 1980’s, getting to know (and shred with) Ian Ford.

And it was on a gray day in March of 1993, standing at the top of the course during a banked slalom race, when Ford turned to Moore and said “Jay, I have an idea. We should start a shop together.” Once the idea was planted, things came together quickly and just a few months later in September, World Boards opened its doors for the first time.

Moore likes to talk about the early days before the remodel–World Boards is located in a two-story house built in 1898–operating on limited hours so the two could continue working their other jobs. In 1995, Ford relocated to Seattle, Wash., to tackle a new challenge, leaving Moore as the sole owner.

In 2002, World Boards was named Shop of the Year by TransWorld Snowboarding–a testament to the team’s dedication to the customers and the sport.

Now more than 24 years later, Moore can be found behind the counter most days and on the mountain the rest of the time. When asked about the success of the business and how far it has come, he credits “borrowed money, blood sweat and tears, and God’s providence.”

The RIDE Connection

World Boards is truly one of the last remaining specialty shops and prides itself on carrying the best brands and the odd products that riders can’t find anywhere else. It’s a perfect fit for RIDE.

Shop Spotlight: World Boards

Thoughts on the Local Snowboard Scene

Bozeman is a small city of about 40,000 people in the southwestern part of the state. Located at the edge of the Bridger Range, worldclass snowboarding is literally a stone’s throw away. But you wouldn’t know it from the locals. “Our scene is sort of an anti-scene,” says Moore. “Folks just live here to shred, not to bring the bro baggage along to every session.”

“We just make sure to do right by our customers and realize that we sell fun,” he adds.

Shop Spotlight: World Boards

Connect with World Boards

Follow World Boards on Facebook for product updates, team edits and other local news. Or if you’re ever in Bozeman, stop by for a free high-five–tell them the RIDE crew sent you.

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RIDE Wallpaper Downloads

RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

We dug through our photo album from last season to bring you the best shots we could find. And we’re hooking you up. Download your favorite wallpaper (for desktop or mobile devices) and keep the stoke alive anytime you’re off the mountain.

RIDE Wallpaper Downloads

RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Danimals on the Grind | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Cole Navin Wallride | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Jake Blauvelt Backcountry Hand-drag | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Jake Blauvelt Slash | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


RIDE Snowboards Wallpaper Downloads

Jake Welch Urban Session | Download > Desktop  |  Mobile


Photography by Tom Monterosso (Tbird) | Check him out over on Instagram.

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We’re still giving away tons of gear in the RIDE Like a Pro contest. If you never sign up you can’t win. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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Red Hot American Summer snowboarding 🌞🏂😎

RIDE Summer 16 : a recap on the good times had last summer on the Mt. Hood Glacier we got to ride all summer. It features Danimals, Jake Blauvelt, Hana Beaman, Derrek Lever, Dillon Ojo, Spencer Schubert, Cole Navin, Jill Perkins, Alex Sherman and Stefi Luxton ripping the hill by day and local skateparks by night.




Brandon Davis x Mayhem @ Mammoth

We could watch Brandon Davis ride Mammoth all day long. A sick Edit by Mayhem Madness.


As the days grow longer, the temps warm up a bit, and you can finally bring the trash out in a t-shirt without getting frostbite on your nipples. It also means Spring riding is coming in hot. This year we want to see what type of shenanigans you get into with #RIDEclosingDAZE.


When you head up to the hill for some slush laps, document your antics by throwing up a gram and tagging #RIDEclosingDAZE and we will choose a weekly photo to win some RIDE gear until the lift stops turning.
RIDE Closing Daze

RIDE Closing Daze

RIDE Closing Daze

RIDE Like a Pro

Side note: We’re giving away tons of other gear in the RIDE Like a Pro contest. If you haven’t entered yet, do it now >

The 2017 RIDE Shop Trip

RIDE Shop Trip

By Brandon Pendergast | Assistant Sales Manager, RIDE Snowboards

This journey starts with a good crew and ends with killer views and LOTS of fresh POW!!! In February 2017, RIDE Snowboards took ten lucky shop riders to Monarch Mountain CAT Operation in beautiful Colorado for a private shred session. And it was a RIDE shop trip to remember.

The Meetup

The crew arrived into Denver over two days, from all across the United States. From New Jersey to Arizona, the gang was ready to get down to business. So upon arrival, we piled them  into a van and shipped them up into the mountains.

RIDE Shop Trip: Day One

For the first day of riding on Wednesday, we were joined by Kody Reeves from Clark’s Snow Sports (California), Kenny Good from Tahoe Sports Hub (California), Alex Johnson from Aspen Ski and Board (Ohio), Jared Williams from Colorado Ski and Golf (Colorado), Ellen Kaufman from Boulder Ski Deals (Colorado) and Nick Schuvieller from The House (Minnesota).

RIDE Shop Trip

The crew on the first day. Stoked for steep and deep!

And what perfect day we had! We lucked out and got out of the CAT onto a foot of new snow. And the light wind delivered continuous refills all day. Heading out at the crack of dawn, everyone got fresh tracks and there were lots of high-fives. In fact, everyone was having so much fun that we rode hard until after 3pm.

RIDE Shop Trip

Nick Schuvieller from The House getting some turns in.

RIDE Shop Trip

Waiting for the guide to cut the first line.

Rider’s choice for the day: Alter Ego & Warpig

RIDE Shop Trip

Total RIDE takeover! Getting unloaded to take some laps at Monarch.

RIDE Shop Trip: Day Two

On the second day, the skies cleared and the second group of arrivals started the day with some resort laps at Salida.

The Thursday crew included Andrew Pettis from Erik’s Bike Shop (Minnesota), Mark Roberto from The Ski Barn (New Jersey), Carl Rideout from SKI PRO (Arizona), Trevor Toth from Summit Sports (Wisconsin) and the legendary Bernie Ba from PowderTools (Colorado).

RIDE Shop Trip

Day 2 Crew at the top of No Name Bowl.

Our three local guides took us out to No Name Bowl for BIGGG POW turns and some super DOG tree laps–which was a real treat at 11,000 feet! The whole crew showed up and represented, slashing carves all day. This day defined true backcountry snowboarding: big bowls and deep tree POW.

RIDE Shop Trip

No Name Bowl under blue Colorado skies.

RIDE Shop Trip

Inside the CAT on the way to the top. Props to our guides, Andy and Brian!

RIDE Shop Trip

Picking lines from the top of No Name Bowl against a Rockies backdrop.

Until Next Season

RIDE couldn’t do what we do without the support of our local shops, and this was just a small way of saying thank you to them for all their hard work this season. Also, a huge thanks to the regional sales reps who came out and Monarch Mountain CAT Operations for the expertise some of the best lines of the season! Until next year.

RIDE Shop Trip


RIDE Shop Trip

Big shout-out to Monarch Cat Skiing for a great shred!

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