RIP Bone Zone 4 – Bone Zone A.D. Edit

Unless you have been living under a rock you obviously know the Forest Service tore The Bone Zone down last weekend. Everything wood (including the bench to sit on) was hit with the government chain saw. At the same time the Forest Service managed to damage most of the metal rails in some way. Needless to say Bone Zone 4 is a wrap. Of course there, in the name Bone Zone 4, lies the hope for the future. The Bone Zone has been flooded out, found out by the Forest Service, and moved a few times in its history. This incarnation, Bone Zone 4, lasted three and a half glorious pre-seasons and was even the stage for two Bone Zone movies. Alex, Brandon, Bundy, Grenier and all of the principal Bone Zone crew vow that The Bone Zone will rise again. Until that time here is Bone Zone AD the final Bone Zone 4 edit. Enjoy it and good luck to all of the guys in their search for Bone Zone 5. – Daniel Cochrane


Ride High Clinic at Ride Headquarters in Seattle, WA

Thanks to all the Ride Dealers who came to our Ride High Clinic at Ride’s World Headquarters in Seattle, WA last week. We had a great time and hope you did too. See you all on the Hill this Winter.

Ladies checking out their loot after the Jeopardy game. This boot fits a little snug on my head! (DH board and a Cadence boot)

Tour of the graphics dark room, Above shows how the die-cut base is made on the Berzerker.

Jake Blauvelt at Ride

Jake Blauvelt checking out the board press

Doug Sanders, our local snowboard genius, shows how we make cores.

Doug sets down the freshly pressed Berzerker to let it cure.

Skate Ramp Sesh

Let’s have a skate sesh while the board cures!

Michael, our Board Design Engineer shows off some prototypes.

Matt pours a beer at the Ride Bar to let all the knowledge from the day soak in.

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Diaries Downunder Episode 3 – August Snowboarding Circus!


Diaries Downunder Episode 3 – August Snowboarding Circus!

The season has reached August, which for many pro riders rings a very special bell! It’s the month of competitions and riders from all over the world head to New Zealand’s Southern Alps, to show everyone what they’ve got! In this episode we follow Billy the mad man Morgan straight out of the UK, as well as Keiji Okamoto and other international pros.

The month of august is the time where the mountains here in the Southern Lakes are covered with snowboarding talent from all over the globe. Amongst those, is the UK pro rider, mad man Billy Morgan. He has been dazzling the crowds with his amazing set of skills. Not only is he a bad ass snowboarder with triple corks to his name, but he is also a killer on the trampoline! In this episode we follow him through his stay in Queenstown.

It all kicks off with the annual Winter Games at Cardrona Ski Resort! The women’s Slopestyle event went ahead but unfortunately, the men’s Slopestyle event was cancelled.
Lucky for us Queenstown has an endless supply of adventure activities. Being Billy Morgan, the activities have to be packed full of adrenalin, so we took him to the Canyon Swing to see what he is really made of. After attempting a back flip record, we later took him to familiar territory – The Site Trampoline. Let’s just say that Billy could probably hold his own at the summer Olympics on the trampoline, as well as winter on the Slopestyle course!

August brings tons of international pros to New Zealand to make the most of the pristine park conditions at Cardrona. We caught up with the insanely skilled Japanese Hywod crew, consisting of Keji Okamoto, Yuki Kadono and Tatsuki Inamura, as they throw down some heavy tricks, as if they were nothing!

As this is training time for these olympic hopefuls, we were reminded how much snowboarding is progressing with the level of amazing riding we witnessed. Sochi Winter Olympics are going to be out of this world!

Diaries Downunder is made possible by the legends at:

Air New Zealand |
Desination Queenstown |
The North Face |
Smith Optics |
Mons Royale |
Ride Snowboards |
The World Bar |
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Published by: Bright Mind Music
Song: Signs of the Civilized (feat. ev ree wuhn)
Artist: Bravestation & Ev Ree Wuhn
The Brightmind Music Catalog

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Naturally Premiere World Tour Schedule Announced

Naturally Premiere Tour Schedule

Jake Blauvelt Naturally – THE TRAILER (2013) from Friday on Vimeo.



17th September. Oakley HQ (Foothill Ranch, CA)
19th September. Portland
20th September. Seattle
21st September. Vancouver
25th September. Salt Lake City
26th September. Denver
27th September. Burlington
28th September. Montreal

1st October. Zurich
2nd October. Munich
3rd October. Innsbruck
4th October. Annecy (The Reels Festival)
9th October. London
10th October. Oslo
12th October. Moscow (TBC)

15th October. Tokyo



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Ride Shakedown 2013 Official Broadcast

Ride Shakedown Broadcast 2013

The Ride Shakedown was created above all for the riders, but today the event has become a must for snowboard and action sports fans of all ages. What distinguishes and contributes to the Ride Shakedown’s success is first, and foremost its competition format, a festive and laid-back event where the constraints imposed on the athletes are minimal. In the heart of the action, the public benefits from a show both accessible and dynamic.

Ride Shakedown 2013 – Wrap Up Post

Ride Shakedown 2013 – OFFICIAL RESULTS Ride Shakedown Website

1. -  Antoine Truchon (CAN)
2. -  Sebastien Toutant (CAN)
3. -  Jon Versteeg (CAN)
4. -  Matts Kulisek (CAN)
5. -  Charles Reid (CAN)
6. -  Jason Dubois (CAN)
7. -  Seth Hill (USA)
8. -  Maxence Parrot (CAN)
9. -  Didier Godbout (CAN)
10. – Robby Balharry (CAN)

Quebecer Antoine Truchon was declared champion Saturday night at the Ride Shakedown final, which is in its 12th year running at Mont Saint-Sauveur. The 22 year-old athlete shined in a tight battle, passing the title champion Sébastien Toutant in front of thousands of spectators.

The Ride Shakedown competition, which includes a big air section followed by a rail setup with 4 options, brought together 33 riders who went above and beyond to impress the judges in the hopes of being part of the 10 athletes continuing into the finals.

Riders were allotted 90 minutes in which they were required to perform three judged runs. The best two runs combined formed the final score. This laid-back approach, at the heart of the Ride Shakedown’s unique competition format, is highly appreciated by athletes; it allows them to perform to their full extent and give the crowd a show.

The level of excitement could not have been higher, Truchon of Sainte-Adèle and Toutant of L’Assomption being tied after the first two runs. Truchon took the lead during the final round, succeeding in his front side 1260 double cork on the jump, followed by a boardslide to fakie on the triple flat ramp, earning himself a total of 65.2 points for his two top performances.

I am really satisfied by my last run. It was a great competition for Sébastien and myself. Next year, things are going to get even more intense! said the winner who walks away with a $20,000 purse.

On his third run, Toutant attempted a triple cork on the big air, however the 20 year-old rider missed his landing, just falling short of the rails and giving the lead to his opponent. His combined score of 63.9 for his first two runs earned him second place and a $10,000 purse.

I came really close to landing my triple cork. I just sunk a bit too much in the snow. I’m still really pumped, we gave a great show and second place is better than nothing! », admits the champion of the Ride Shakedown in 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2012.

British Columbia native John Versteeg (Whistler, 23 years old) closed out the podium, collecting a total of 52.9 between his first and third runs.

Respectively in fourth and fifth place, Matts Kulisek (Morin Heights, 27 years old) and Charles Reid (Mont-Tremblant, 22 years old) will be $3,000 and $2,000 richer.

The crowd was treated to a slew of events throughout the day, such as the Snowboard Canada Magazine autograph session and the halftime show, which included a segment allowing young riders aged 13 and under to shred on the rail setup, a new component this year. This was followed by the skateboard show featuring professional skateboarders on the DC Shoes mini-ramp set up in the village. Skateboarder Patrice Tremblay won the crowd over with a backside tail flip in, awarding him the $2,000 cash prize at stake.

Patryck Bernier and Brendan O’Dowd of Dizzle Entertainment, producers of the Ride Shakedown, could not be happier about the turn out of this 12th edition, both for the riders and the spectators. Over 20,000 people bundled up to assist two event-filled days of fierce competition.

“To have so many people on the site of the competition and in the village proves that we have become a must for fans. It is incredibly rewarding to know that the crowd continues to support the event, their presence being strong year after year!”, exclaimed Patryck Bernier.

Dan Nichols in the Ride Snowboards booth with the 1st video game bracket winner. This lucky kid won Klipsch S4i Rugged Headphones and a Ride Wild Life Snowboard!

Along with the many Canadians competing in the event, the Ride Shakedown welcomed several athletes from the United States, Japan and Norway.

Television broadcast of the 2013 Ride Shakedown

The Ride Shakedown 2013 at Mont Saint-Sauveur will also be featured in your living room thanks to Videotron and our two partner broadcasters TVA Sports and Sportsnet. The 60 minutes Ride Shakedown 2013 highlights show will be broadcasted on TVA Sports April 13th at 11:30 am, and the English version will be on Sportsnet April 20th at 5 pm. You can now browse through the Ride Shakedown exclusive section on channel 900 as well as on illico télé,, on iPad and illico mobile platforms, where you will find highlight shows from 2006 to 2012 and the Ride Shakedown documentary Le Ride Shakedown 10 ans plus tard. For full details on all of these broadcasts, head to

Unique competition format

What distinguishes the Ride Shakedown and contributes to its success is first and foremost its competition format, a laid-back and festive environment where the constraints on the athletes are minimal. At the center of the action, the public benefits from an accessible and entertainment-packed show. At the Ride Shakedown, the athletes participate in a Slopestyle competition, which involves mastering two distinct disciplines: the Big Air and a rail with different features which is only unveiled on the first day of the competition, a long-awaited day for the athletes and spectators. The professional athletes are the essence of the show, however the amateurs also play an important role and will make a valiant effort to mark their place among the pros. New talents are discovered every winter!