Ride Farah

Considering how many boards are touted as having “all-mountain” capabilities, very few manage to live up to the name. Ride’s Farah ($500) is one of those rare all-mountain boards that actually, truly rocks on every part of the resort.

The Farah is a fast board, and not for the faint of heart. It flies down just about anything. I easily bombed across traverses that other boards got stuck on. Ride’s hybrid all-mountain rocker puts a camber zone underfoot and a little rocker at the nose. This keeps it super responsive with some of the best edge control I’ve encountered — even through the chop or on the ice. The early-season conditions we were riding in were far from ideal — ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon — but carving was a blast on everything.

Don’t forget, all-mountain includes the park too. Even though it’s a stiff board overall, Ride’s LSD (ladies-specific design) ensures that the board has just enough pop when you need it, so even park noobs will feel rad. — Karissa Bell

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Ride Farah

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