From Austrian Pro Team Rider, Marco Feichtner:

I came back yesterday from my trip to us! I have to say it was not really my best trip! we got super unlucky with the weather! I arrived on the 7th in Bellingham. when I arrived it started raining in baker for almost 8 days! in those 8 days i was two times on the mountain-snowboarding in rain ( it was fun).

In those 8 days we tried out our sled’s and Justin realized that his sled died ( no way to fix it and no way to travel around-bummer) after that it started snowing crazy, almost to much! it stayed good for three days and then its started raining again for one day and after that it snowed a little bit but not really a lot! In those three days I shot two days with the pirates and one day with 686 ( team shooting)! the good thing we shot a story for snowboard with Tim Pearce and I good some stuff with 686 ( ad, some action) so the trip was not for nothing! regarding my shoulder: still have some pain. I could no even start my sled- so thx to Fredi for starting it up all the time!

Future plans:  I am trying to shot some more stuff next week till the 5th! we have our Montafon banked slalom on the 6th! on the 8th I am traveling to Italy to join the guys from level! I will be back home on the 9th! A few days off because of my 30 birthday-all in! After that finally I can rest my shoulder and maybe go to a doctor before I am traveling up to rigs (Sweden)!

All the best- keep you posted!

Marco Feichtner

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