Hey shredders, Thanks to you we’ve gotten a great response so far for this ‘Season Is Near’ Photo contest, 96 photos in a little over a week. Let your eyeballs feast on the current entries tagged #SEASONISNEAR. It was a tough week for snow this early in the season and the rules said it had to be a photo taken this season. That said, choosing the proper winner according to the rules was easy since this was the only photo of snow this season! That said there were some amazing photos just not taken this season, so I’m sure the competition will heat up as the weather cools down. Thanks to all who tagged their photos and keep it up.

Week 1 Winner: Bazingabackwards with their photo taken at A-Basin September 17th 2012


Runner Up

2nd Runner Up


The new week of competition starts this week. Comment via Facebook below if you’ve got a photos you think should win. We would love to see them.

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