“You just fucked with the wrong Mexican.” That’s probably my favorite quote from the Grindhouse movie Machete by Robert Rodriguez. In this movie, a big, bearded, long-haired, tattooed Mexican nicknamed Machete gets mad and chops his way through an army of bad guys. With a machete, of course. Anyway, basically there’s only one thing to learn from this movie: don’t mess with Machete. Don’t you ever, ever mess with Machete!

As I recently tested Ride Snowboards’ Machete GT, I immediately felt that this board shares way more similarities with the guy in the film than just the name, so let me share my thoughts with you…

Just like the big fat Mexican, the Machete GT is a damn weapon. It’s brutal, it’s merciless, it follows its way – no matter what. I have probably never ridden a board that was as stable as the Machete, which gives you a lot of confidence while going big and riding fast.

The Mexican is strong. Damn strong. And such is the GT. It has pop for ages.

The Mexican is hard. With a flex of 7, the Machete GT is quite a stiff board.

Both, the Mexican and the board, are really aggressive, quite responsive and not too forgiving. As I wouldn’t advise an unexperienced fighter to attack Machete, I’d advise an inexperienced snowboarder not to ride the Machete GT. But if you have some skills, it is cracking. And with cracking I really mean cracking!

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