Ride Vs. Nike


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Ride came to the Battle of the Brands to play. With a strong team showing at Bachelor came a heavy roster of Ride riders, and when they showed up to the Superpark, it was all-out war. Their edit, filmed by Tommy Little, Yugo Tamagaki, and Team Manager Matt Sickels is highlighted by Brennen Swanson’s double corks, Austin Hironaka’s seemingly effortless style, Todd Kirby emulating Austin’s fluidity, and Yuki Kadono, the young Japanese ripper whose efforts earned him a nod from the SNOWBOARDER staff as one of the top ten standouts at Superpark 16.

Starring: Sam Hulbert, Sebastién Toutant, Darrell Mathes, Alex Cantin, John Shaw, Brennen Swanson, Austin Hironaka, Beau Bishop, Todd Kirby, Yuki Kadono

Filmers: Tommy Little, Yugo Tamagaki, Matt Sickels

Soundtrack: The Holograms, “ABC City”; Danger Beach, “Apache”

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